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  • Old Stories; New Beginnings

    Old Stories; New Beginnings

    My bike has been in the shop for almost a month. Having just rolled over 12,000 miles, the Beemer needed its thousand dollars of love. That includes a major service: oil, valves, and a whole bunch of other stuff. I also wanted BMWs to help troubleshoot why the installation of HeliBars was crimping the front […]

  • T1D Biker Gang

    T1D Biker Gang

    This Memorial Day weekend in the age of coronavirus was anything but typical. Usually, I’m off on the motorcycle somewhere in the Sierras chasing the ebbing snow. With the continuing sheltering in place order except for essential services and exercise activity life here is anything but typical. On Saturday, my friend Sarah texted me and […]

  • Coworking in Lake Tahoe

    Coworking in Lake Tahoe

    I spent a lot of time thinking on the Memorial Day Mingle when my last long motorcycle tour really was.  On that ride, a lightbulb went off that it was the Memorial Day Mingle last year.  A whole year had gone by without focused time in the Sierras with my motorcycle.  Because of that, I wanted to […]

  • 2015 Memorial Day Mingle

    2015 Memorial Day Mingle

    There are two rides I’m really proud to have contributed to Homoto’s riding culture: The Mid-Winter’s Tour down the Central Coast and the Memorial Day Mingle through the Sierras.  The Memorial Day Mingle celebrates togetherness between riders and the opening of the Sierra passes for the summer.   Riding the passes on opening weekend for me […]

  • Diabetes, Motorcycles, and Insulin

    Diabetes, Motorcycles, and Insulin

    John Ryan was an exceptional individual.  He pushed the boundaries of motorcycling time and time again with his involvement in the Iron Butt Association.  He came to San Francisco to speak about his adventures which truly inspired me.  I’ve met many long-distance riders over the years.  What impressed upon me about John was not only […]

  • Lifelong Learning: A Ride In the Rain

    Lifelong Learning: A Ride In the Rain

    Tyler, a good friend of mine and a wonderful person in the motorcycling community, recounts a story that I never really understood.  She was riding through Kern Canyon at night in the pouring rain.  She spoke of that evening as a wonderful experience and as I listened intently I kept thinking what an awful ride […]

  • JIRA, Confluence, and Stash Ride Motorcycles – Agile for Bikers

    JIRA, Confluence, and Stash Ride Motorcycles – Agile for Bikers

    Agile for Motorcycles? It is no surprise I love to ride motorcycles.  I’ve been riding with my current group for going on three years.   Some time ago the tech chair approached me about using a issue tracker to manage the club business.  I laughed.  We were a motorcycle club!   After becoming president, three years of […]