The Gateway Arch

I love traveling to cities with well-known landmarks. St. Louis is no exception. The last time I was in Missouri was about 10 years ago on my cross-country motorcycle trip. I only touched the extreme southwest corner of the state which doesn't give me any sort of Missouri credibility. When traveling, I always try to... Continue Reading →

Touring the National Mall

Before I left, I had mentioned to my roommates that I was going to be in Washington DC for a business trip. Both of us were thrilled as it turned out all three of us would be in DC at the same time and all of us were taking an extra day to sightsee. We... Continue Reading →

Going to see Jack

I was in Nashville for the Agile 2013 conference. It was fun being in the booth talking with many people about Agile technologies and what's going on with software development: coding, managing, teaching. There are couple of people out from Australia that had flights the day after the last day of the conference. Tom and... Continue Reading →

Austin is not Texas

Austin is not Texas. I think if anything, that was the biggest learning from this trip. Rob generously offered to host me in Austin, but it seems like life here kept getting away.  I learned in late May that Rob was leaving Austin and relocating back to his hometown in Florida. If I was going... Continue Reading →

New York in Black and White

The fourth stop on Atlassian's Road Trip was New York City. A quick change on the agenda allowed me to attend. I hadn't been to New York in a couple of months so was great to be able to go back in the spring rather than in the fall. Aside from that quick trip last... Continue Reading →

Sleepy Sarasota

Travels brought me down to Sarasota, Florida in the middle of June.  This trip I was scheduled to travel during the day but got moved to a red eye when Airtran decided to suspend daytime service between San Francisco and Atlanta.  I was unhappy about that.  Good news is I got to see a spectacular... Continue Reading →

Stranded – 0.5 Miles (0 net)

Sunday Evening the weather forecast came in that today was going to have bad weather all day. There were severe storms coming our way. If I leave today, I’ll follow in them. Staying a day lets them go by. I decide to stay. It was horrific being stuck in that room all day. The weather... Continue Reading →


Morning calls early. Woke up at 5:00am to leave for the Sea-Tac airport. My flight leaves at 7:20am for Salt Lake. We were running a bit behind so I got to the airport at 6:40. You know those times where you sweat getting through security and making it to the gate. This was one of... Continue Reading →

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