The Long Leg

There is something about having a good hotel breakfast. I've been staying at hotels with the "continental"┬ábreakfast which is fruit and stale pastries, neither of which are great morning choices for the two wheelin diabetic. This place had the full spread including the South Beach preferred bacon and eggs! Today was going to be the... Continue Reading →

Laura and Dan H

Today is the first day I'm not riding. I've ridden 1400 miles so far. That's pocket change for some and a whole lot for others. Dan Hicks and I did a lap of Northern California which was about 1100 miles, so I've gotten past my prior max! The Mallory is one of those really old... Continue Reading →

When do I get to Seattle?

What a difference a day makes! They say Oregonians want to differentiate themselves from Californians. That they do. Just about everything on this ride was different from the day before. Since I got in late last night, I decided to sleep in and have a leisurely start at 10am. The fog was burning off this... Continue Reading →

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