Finding a new I-580

I'm settling into week three (and I know I'm behind on two blogs) but I wanted to quickly capture the essence of my evening. It's different living in a small town. I've never spent a considerable amount of time in a place with less than 4 million people. Reno is the big city in these... Continue Reading →

Kingsbury Grade Run

Now with the motorcycle safely in the garage and most of my gear up here (minus my heated vest), it's time to go riding. I know at home I tend to like to have my heated vest once the temperature drops below 60°. Given that the air is considerably drier up here I'm thinking I'll... Continue Reading →

Diggin it at Dig This Vegas

Ever since I was kid I've been fascinated by the big yellow machines used in construction. As kids we've all had the earth moving equipment: bulldozers, excavators, dump trucks in our toy collections. Much like most kids here in the states those toys spent many hours in the sandbox building castles, moats, and other fortresses... Continue Reading →

Nevada Bypass

Both the northern California and the southern California groups made it to Mammoth Friday night.  The So Cal guys rolled in at 7pm and the Nor Cal guys made it at 9:30pm.  Both groups rolled out 12 hours later.  Southern California did three major passes: Tioga, Ebbets, and Carson.  Northern California did Nevada. A few... Continue Reading →

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