Closing out Colorado

I left Boulder without my wallet and had to go back to Rocky Mountain National Park the most expedient way which unfortunately had all the traffic. Much like going to Yosemite it was slow going, with tons of cars, and no one willing to turn out. Once I got to the park I was relieved... Continue Reading →

Amazing: The Peak to Peak Highway

The Peak to Peak Highway is an amazing piece of asphalt. It was a part of my journey every day of the trip and other than the draconian speed limit management it's always a wonderful addition. I'd compare it to Skyline Boulevard in the Santa Cruz mountains. I'm sure it's a staple of the Denver... Continue Reading →

US40 and the National Park

I wasn't exactly sure where to go on day two. I had heard from some locals that the ride up to Mount Evans wasn't actually all that interesting. Mount Evans I believe was the highest paved road in the United States. The few people I talk to just said that the ride wasn't actually that... Continue Reading →

The Highest Pass

I'd made a career of renting motorcycles in my teenage years. When we go down to the beach for spring break and summer vacation I'd make the 60 mile drive from Destin down to Panama City. Once arriving in town I take the test to get my permit and then take my hard-earned cash and... Continue Reading →


Boulder is a great town!  It has the feel of Lake Tahoe, but the tech community of the Bay Area on a much smaller scale.  It was great to be able to spend some time in the Rocky Mountains, explore a little bit, and hang out with some old friends.  I didn't get as much... Continue Reading →

Flying to Colorado

Flying to Colorado this time was an absolute adventure. I definitely had issues both ways. On the way there, my flight was totally changed. I got about six calls from Delta alerting me for a change. The problem with their system though is that they tell you there's a change four times and then you... Continue Reading →

Around Boulder – 0 Miles

The rains were coming and Jeff and Maureen live here so I’m taking two days off the bike to chill and hang out with them. Jeff was able to take Wednesday off, so we got to do a bit of exploring by car which was a nice change. We drove up to Rocky Mountain National... Continue Reading →

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