Flat Stanley Comes to California!

Background A few weeks ago I got a special package in the mail from my niece.  I had been selected for a Flat Stanley project.  Flat Stanley is a children’s tale where Stanley gets a new bulletin board for his room.  One night as Stanley is asleep the bulletin board falls on top of him... Continue Reading →

2013 Sierra Stampede

Ross called me up a while ago to see if I wanted to go to this year's rodeo in Sacramento. At the time it seems like a great idea. We both look forward to it quite a bit each year. As we got close to the date it looks like it was going to be... Continue Reading →

The Eastern Costal Mountains (300mi)

Wow... Somehow it seemed like I just got home from THE Moto 2011 and now it's time to hit the road again. As usual I've procrastinated till the last possible moment on things. The V-Strom was needing some major love. The rear tire would have to be replaced. The chain was louder than the motor... Continue Reading →

The Journey Down (250 Miles)

So like many good rides, this one started with a phone call from John saying he wanted to go see the Eureka Dunes.  I didn't even know where the Eureka Dunes were.  Turns out they were 25 miles down a dirt road after riding 25 miles down a lonely paved road from a one horse... Continue Reading →

The Return (260 miles)

I was going to get wet going home. The real question is how much. We had a series of storms blow over the entire northern California area last night so things were damp to say the least. At about noon it appeared that the worst was to the east and south. Now it was just... Continue Reading →

Chico and the Brewery

Chico is a neat little town. One of the main things I wanted to do there was to do the Sierra Nevada Brewery tour. I’d heard a few people speak well of it, so it became a bucket list item (yes, I have a large bucket of random stuff). We got there two minutes after... Continue Reading →

Morning Calls Early

Today began early, really early. I woke up about 4:30 and started packing. I needed to be on the road by 6:00 am to beat the heat. It was going to be 100 in the valley and that was a ride I did not want to do. A diet coke down, the tire pressures checked... Continue Reading →

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